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Our Services. 

Pole Replacement

Works include: 


  • Carting poles from depot to site

  • Erecting and installing power poles and public lighting

  • Holding power poles

  • Removing and carting existing poles away from site

  • Supplying timber, concrete, steel power poles and public lighting

  • Installing anchors for pole stays

Sewer Vent Replacement

Works include:


  • Ongoing maintenance work of sewer vents

  • Removal of broken vent stacks damaged by corrosion and debris

  • Supplying and installing of vent stacks

  • Excavation of vent stacks in order to relocate

  • Removal of graffiti and painting of the vent stack

Concrete Blocks

Works include:


  • Carting of concrete blocks to site to hold condemned power poles or public lighting 

  • Installation of concrete blocks for civil contractors completing any works within 1m radius of a power pole

  • Organisation of permits with power companies which allow concrete blocks to be installed on power poles


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